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You have helped me in ways no one in my life ever has. And you have helped me to help myself in ways I was never taught.....A.

Fortunately I have been seeing Holli Adsit for the last 3 years.  Typically in the past I may have seen a therapist at the most for two years, some less than that.  It seemed the majority of the therapists I've seen in the past have been (the nicest way to say) "self serving", and in no way driven to help me overcome my issues.  Holli has always been kind, and very patient, but always focused on my mental health. She's "one in a million"...It's not saying enough, but .... thank you so much Holli!  MK

We are so grateful to have Holli in our lives as a therapist.  We have had experiences with several therapists over the last 10 years because addiction that runs in our family.  Holli has been a godsend.  As a professional, she is very knowledgable and skilled at helping a client unlock past trauma and negative thoughts which are often at the root of the addictive and destructive behavior.  She is gifted and perceptive on how to approach each person and help them find healing and hope to move them forward in a positive direction in their lives.  CJW

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